Do You Want To Build Your Dream Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank?

Course - 131 Lessons

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to help you build your dream wardrobe? I've worked with thousands of women to develop a proven wardrobe strategy that will help you build your wardrobe from scratch - and I can't wait to share it with you!

  • Do you want to feel good in what you wear? 
  • Have over 90 stylish outfit ideas?
  • Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to love your clothes and finally feel confident and comfortable in what you wear? (I mean, who hasn’t)
  • Want to know exactly what to buy next time you go shopping? 

I hate spoilers as much as the next person, but here goes...spoiler alert: This can all happen and then some. Now you don't have to go to Disneyland to make your dreams come true.



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Have You Ever Felt Like a Fashion Victim?

  • Does your wardrobe feel so incredibly limited?
  • Do you feel like you’re not wearing the right clothes to flatter your body?
  • Does leaving the house make you feel self-conscious?
  • Are you stuck in your style?
  • Do you never know what to wear?

I Struggled Too.

Years ago, I was so frustrated with my style and I wished there was someone who would take me under her wing and give me a few good fashion tips. I want to be that person for you.

I didn’t have any clothes I truly liked and I couldn’t figure out how to look like “me”. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I knew who “me” was…

In short, I was a fashion victim and I never felt confident.

It got so bad that one day I decided to start from scratch. Over the next several years, I learned so many things about my own personal style (mostly through trial and error!) and how to dress in a way that made me feel…well, exactly like myself, but a LOT more comfortable and confident!

I want to help you skip the trial and error and achieve the same end result a lot faster. We’ll help you find your perfect style and build a wardrobe based on that – with clothes that always look good on you

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I want to help you love your clothes, so I created this course for you.

 Here’s a look inside:

10 Video Lessons
value: $247

100 Written Lessons
value: $370

30 Worksheets
value: $210

100 Outfit Ideas
value: $150

Real-life Case Study
value: Priceless

We all love a bonus. You'll also get...


Tried and true tips on how to make getting dressed in the morning stress-free - so life is a breeze, long after the course is completed


A step-by-step guide that shows you how to create go-to outfit formulas to build amazing outfits. Need to see it to get it? I got you.


A no-fail alternative to the color palette method. Afraid that it might restrict you, but still want to look put together? This is for you.


Real-life examples showcasing all the different fashion styles, so you can know exactly where you fit in. No more guessing.

and more! 

I want to work with you!

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As Seen In

I also created this for you:

  • Curated Shopping Directory (With Links!) - So you will never need to guess where you should shop, or what to look for, ever again!
  • Wardrobe Essentials Checklist -Not ready to shop yet? No worries. I'll give you the ultimate wardrobe guide for you to print off and take with you shopping - as well as a shopping budget! 

I didn't say it...They did!


This was the catalyst for redefining myself....My confidence is increasing, and I am actually WEARING the clothes I’ve been accumulating! Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me take this big step in developing my style! I think it was how your personality came across and the personal examples you presented that were so magical!


This totally changed the game. It's friendly, informative, and honestly, life-changing. I was hooked. It helped me discover my personal style, the perfect combination of colors for my skin tone and body shape. It even has resources on where to buy the perfect clothes for me. If I could buy it twice, I would!


I've looked through lots of web sites and watched lots of youtube videos on how to build a wardrobe and I think yours is the easiest, least stressful one I have gone through! As a busy mom, I need simplicity and minimalism. I printed it out and keep it in my purse to look at when I need to remember something when I'm shopping. I was able to narrow down my colors and patterns and have almost completed building my winter wardrobe!


For the first time I actually have a sense about what styles and colors flatter me and make me feel good to wear.


An individual with absolutely no knowledge of fashion could make a complete transformation based on your info.


This is the best guidance I have ever found.


Before I took your course, I had a closet full of nothing to wear. I am now buying better things, just less of them and not shopping for my alter-ego. 


It was fabulous!!!! I’m rather picky but found this to be honestly…wardrobe changing!!! Since reading- I have been consistently focusing on what I am purchasing and purging from the tired worn out closet!


It's like the sun came out on a dark rainy day. Now it's fun and easy to shop. I know what to look for and what I need to go with what I already have.


After finishing this course, you'll be able to

Kiss Wardrobe Stress Goodbye

Feel More Confident

Save Time

Shop Stress Free

Save Money


Ok, so how much is it?! 



~for a course that's worth $977~

(And it's less than a trip to your favorite store!)

How to Build a Wardrobe From Scratch Course

Course - 131 Lessons

Even if all this course did was help you find the best colors for you – then give you the best clothes to wear for your body so you could shop for yourself more easily…wouldn’t that alone be worth $97?

But it covers so, so much more – up to and including how to craft the perfect outfit formula every time. (Secrets that stylists know that they don't share!)

So here's the thing, I did a bit of research before I decided what to sell this for. There are people out there selling just one chapter’s worth of this information to you for the same exact price.

I’m not *saying* this is the best deal because I want you to buy it! I priced it this way because I genuinely want you to feel good in what you wear, create endless stylish outfits, streamline your wardrobe, shop better and smarter, and most importantly, build a wardrobe that you love!

And just in case you’re worried in any way, know that I’m available for you to ask me questions on the other side. It absolutely makes my day when I hear positive success stories – I want that for you!

Are you ready to begin your stunning transformation? Let’s do this, together!

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